The Sensory Spectrum

For SPD Kiddos and Their Parents

Contact & PR

If you’re a member of the media and would like an interview, please use the following form. Also, if you have feedback, please contact me through this page.

Thanks! Jennifer Hughes



3 thoughts on “Contact & PR

  1. My grandson was diagnosed very young with SPD and has made fantastic progress. My question is—is there anything specific for adults to test or work through this? At age 60 (so I learn slow!!) i always was told I have huge book smarts and no common sense, and have always been feeling kind of out of step. When my grandson at a very young age was sitting, pushing his truck back and forth in the grass, I commented to him that it was cool how the grass moved up and down. He gave me this “look” that we often share. I gave him a cinnamon scented pencil recently and it is one of his favorite items. I am highly sensitive to smells, body reacts and changes emotion to music, and unfortunately have fibromyalgia and can detect weather changes better than a forecaster. Moon cycles etc. affect people like me—instead of being psychologically medicated and in therapy, it occurred that perhaps some of us out of step elders are not wacky but have sensory issues. Any thoughts or sites for info?

  2. Hello. My 2 1/2 year old grandson was diagnosed with SPD last year. He gets a weekly home therapist. He does not speak. He struggles to use the sign language techniques given him. My questions are usually answered online, and I have many. I just wanted to know if this lack of speech is ever going to improve. Just to hear him would be wonderful. He hums and chatters a tiny bit but no speech. He has a wonderful sense of humor and laughs a lot. He is active but very much loves to watch several television shows. wonderpets, dora, and some others. He smiles and laughs at the characters, and watches intently. Flowers, signposts, stones and other things captivate him. He is truly a blessing and so so loved.

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