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For SPD Kiddos and Their Parents

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The New Social Story Book: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills

Book The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome, and their Peers By Carol GrayBook: The New Social Story Book, Revised and Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition: Over 150 Social Stories that Teach Everyday Social Skills to Children with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, and their Peers by Carol Gray

Social Stories provide real social understanding! Carol Gray developed the Social Story in 1991 to promote social understanding in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Now, nearly twenty years after their inception, Social Stories have become a standard approach for teachers and parents all over the globe, and the stories are more effective than ever.

Winner of an Outstanding Literary Work of the Year Award by the Autism Society of America, this 10th Anniversary Edition of The New Social Story Book offers over 150 of the most requested Social Stories, each one professionally written by Carol Gray. But it doesn’t end there Carol also teaches you how to write Social Stories yourself. Years of experience and trial-and-error have led to updated Story guidelines. Carol explains her fine-tuned process in the included ten-step learning module “The Social StoryTM 10.1 Tutorials” perfect for parents and teachers. Continue reading



The Out-of-Sync Child

Book: The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz

The Out-of-Sync Child broke new ground by identifying Sensory Processing Disorder, a common but frequently misdiagnosed problem in which the central nervous system misinterprets messages from the senses. This newly revised edition features additional information from recent research on vision and hearing deficits, motor skill problems, nutrition and picky eaters, ADHA, autism, and other related disorders. Continue reading

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More Behavior Solutions In and Beyond the Inclusive Classroom

Book: More Behavior Solutions In and Beyond the Inclusive Classroom: A Handy Reference Guide that Explains Behaviors Associated with Autism, Asperger’s, … Processing Disorder, and other Special Needs

Amazon Description: Now more than ever, states are mandating that children with special needs be included in the general education classroom. As a result, all educational professionals, from teachers to administrators, need specific training on how to handle unusual behaviors.

This book builds on the success of the first one by expanding the focus from within the classroom to all areas of the school environment—in the hallways, cafeteria, and auditorium, on the playground, and in therapy sessions during the school day. See a particular behavior? Look it up! Continue reading

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Your Child’s Motor Development Story

Book: Your Child‘s Motor Development Story: Understanding and Enhancing Development from Birth to Their First Sport

Amazon Description: Your Child’s Motor Development Story is written by an occupational therapist who describes for the everyday parent how BEST to help their kids develop. She takes them from birth to crawling, all the way to their first sports. Problems like slouching are tackled from lack of core strength, along with more pervasive coordination difficulties that many children face. Any new parent, and their kids, will gain from this book. Continue reading


Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals: A Practical Daily Use Handbook for Parents and Teachers

Book: Understanding Your Child‘s Sensory Signals: A Practical Daily Use Handbook for Parents and Teachers

Amazon Description: A practical, daily application handbook for parents, teachers, and caregivers to help understand sensory signals versus behavior and how you can help! This user friendly “go to” handbook is geared for daily use and as a quick sensory reference guide. Enjoy the simple, organized format to give you the essential and useful information for over 110 sensory signals. The handbook provides simple every day sensory strategies and techniques to help ALL children; including SPD, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, APD, and developmental disabilities. This handbook provides guidance and understanding as to why children do what they do in regards to unique sensory processing differences and needs. Continue reading

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Inclusion Strategies That Work!: Research-Based Methods for the Classroom

Book: Inclusion Strategies That Work!: Research-Based Methods for the Classroom

Amazon Description: Newly revised to reflect current legislation and research-based strategies, this best-selling guide shows how to adapt teaching strategies, curriculum, and assessment to create a fully inclusive classroom. Continue reading


1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger’s

Book: 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger’s

Amazon Description: Winner of Learning Magazine‘s Teachers Choice Award, the first edition of 1001 Great Ideas has been a treasured resource in the autism community since 2004. Now, in this expanded edition, Ellen Notbohm (best-selling author of the revolutionary book Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew) and Veronica Zysk (award-winning author and editor of Autism Asperger’s Digestmagazine) present parents and educators with over 1800 ideas try-it-now tips, eye-opening advice, and grassroots strategies. More than 600 fresh ideas join tried and true tactics from the original edition, while many ideas pick up where the first edition left off, offering modifications for older kids, honing in on Asperger’s challenges, and enhancing already-effective ways to help your child or student achieve success at home, in school, and in the community.

Time is money … and this book saves you both. Continue reading


No Longer A SECRET: Unique Common Sense Strategies for Children with Sensory or Motor Challenges

Book: No Longer A SECRET: Unique Common Sense Strategies for Children with Sensory or Motor Challenges

Amazon Description: This invaluable resource by Dr Lucy Jane Miller and Doreit Bialer helps teach cost effective, functional, on the spot tips to use for children with sensory issues at home, at school, or in a community setting.

Any parent, teacher, or therapist can use this book and help a child with sensory or motor issues!

As founder of the first comprehensive Sensory Processing Disorder research program nationwide and author of groundbreaking Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)Dr. Lucy Jane Miller‘s name is synonymous with sensory research, education, and treatment. Continue reading


Disconnected Kids

Book: Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders

Amazon Description: Each year, an estimated 1.5 million children-one out of every six-are diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Dr. Robert Melillo brings a fundamentally new understanding to the cause of these conditions with his revolutionary Brain Balance Program(tm). It has achieved real, fully documented results that have dramatically improved the quality of life for children and their families in every aspect: behavioral, emotional, academic, and social. Disconnected Kids shows parents how to use this drug-free approach at home Continue reading


Your Essential Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

Book: Your Essential Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder: When You See a Child Through Sensory Goggles…It ALL Makes More “Sense”!

Amazon Description: Enjoy the in depth look at the components of sensory processing disorder in a fun, yet EASY TO UNDERSTAND and to the point format! Learn the characteristics and signs of SPD as well as how to help the child on a daily basis. Ten very important concepts about children with SPD are brought to attention. Continue reading