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Sleep Issues: Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit

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Sleeping child

By s_evenseth on Flickr

My son has sensory issues. No doubt about it. But when he doesn’t get enough sleep, it becomes that much worse. When we was younger, we didn’t realize he was having sleep problems. Vman had enlarged adenoids that was causing him to wake up throughout the night. Ultimately, he wasn’t getting good sleep, which was making his fits that much worse by the end of the day.

When we talk about ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, sleep (not a cure by any means) does influence the reserves a child has to manage the sensory input from the day.

CLICK HERE: Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit

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Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a mom evolving as she navigates the waters of parenthood as well as having two children with sensory processing disorder and sharing her knowledge. She writes Mommy Evolution and The Sensory Spectrum.

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