The Sensory Spectrum

For SPD Kiddos and Their Parents

9 Happiness Boosts


With SPD kiddos, we can often lose ourselves in the mix as parents and as people. How about picking one of the happiness boosters list below and deciding to work toward it today, even among the chaos? Let me know which one you picked!

9 Happiness Boosters on The Jenny Evolution


Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a mom evolving as she navigates the waters of parenthood as well as having two children with sensory processing disorder and sharing her knowledge. She writes Mommy Evolution and The Sensory Spectrum.

2 thoughts on “9 Happiness Boosts

  1. Just found you and followed by email from UBP! I can’t wait to look around some more–I have a 10 year old dd with SPD and it rocks our world–daily!

  2. Reblogged this on Advanced Pediatric Therapies and commented:
    What a great post by The Sensory Spectrum on giving yourself a little parent TLC.

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