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Your Essential Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder


Book: Your Essential Guide to Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder: When You See a Child Through Sensory Goggles…It ALL Makes More “Sense”!

Amazon Description: Enjoy the in depth look at the components of sensory processing disorder in a fun, yet EASY TO UNDERSTAND and to the point format! Learn the characteristics and signs of SPD as well as how to help the child on a daily basis. Ten very important concepts about children with SPD are brought to attention. This workbook is a companion guide and tool for “Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals” also written by Angie Voss, OTR/L. Graphics, charts, and diagrams are used to help the reader grasp the sensory concepts quickly. After a greater understanding is achieved, you will find useful and practical treatment strategies for the clinic, as well as effective sensory diet ideas for at home and school.

For the book, click here.

If you would like to purchase this book, please use the link provided. The cost is the same to you, but The Sensory Spectrum gets a small percentage to allow me to continue offering information about SPD for free. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a mom evolving as she navigates the waters of parenthood as well as having two children with sensory processing disorder and sharing her knowledge. She writes The Jenny Evolution, Generation iKid and The Sensory Spectrum.

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